27 Oct


The snooze button.  My favorite button ever.



I got to press it a few times this morning because late last night an email came that said school was cancelled today.  Evidently, the boiler went kaput and the building had no electricity.  The bad thing about this:  no Thursday morning Bible study for Mommy.  The good thing about it:  a certain small person was pretty happy this morning.

After looking out the window and seeing that it was another cold, blustery fall day I decided we would take advantage of the unexpected day off and, well…..

There was a lot of this going on.

And plenty of snuggling with this:

I had time to look through some quality reading material while I enjoyed the morning cuppa joe.

Would you LOOK at these two recipes?  I’m not going to make them. But holy cow.  Brown-sugar buttermilk pie?!  Get me a drool bucket.
Thanks for reading!
QUESTION FOR YOU: What’s your favorite thing to do on days when you know you’re not leaving the house?


One Response to “Snooze”

  1. Susan October 28, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    Love the pics!

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