I Would Rather Blog….

18 Oct

I would rather blog than watch TV.

I would rather blog than read a book.

I would rather blog than knit or crochet.

I would rather blog than play a game.

One of the main reasons I stopped blogging early this year was because it simply took too much time.  There were too many other things I wanted or needed to do.  I have missed blogging.  A lot. 

The theme and content of this new blog are somewhat different than that of the former one; the focus of this one is the photos.  But in many ways this one is the same, too, because in this one you will see photos of whatever I’m in the mood to shoot.  Sort of like a photo documentary of my little corner of the world.  I’ve started to carry my camera with me quite often again so that you can see my life through my eyes.  I suppose that’s what a blog really is, right?  A peek into someone’s life. 

My former blog focused on fitness and healthy eating.  This one will focus on those, too – but it will also contain glimpses of a lot of other things. 

That said, my greatest hope is that you enjoy the photos you will see when you visit.  I’m working on improving and refining my photography and editing skills so it will be a work in progress.  Just like my life.  Because I’m never satisfied with sameness or complacency.  I am constantly looking for the next thing, the new endeavor, the opportunities for improvement. 

So how am I going to justify the time that goes into keeping a blog?  Easy. 

I’d rather blog than watch TV.

I’d rather blog than read a book.

……You get the idea. 


Today I grabbed my camera on the way out the door to pick Liss up from school. 

To say we live in a unique area is an understatement.  Sometimes I don’t give southern Lake County enough credit.  I would like to take you on a little tour of our school route and share with you the landmarks that bring smiles and endless questions from Blondie-butt most every weekday morning and afternoon.

The first thing I noticed this afternoon was the gray, billowy layer of clouds that almost look as if they’re warning us about the cold, rainy days ahead.  Don’t you love the amazing skies God paints during autumn?


On Volo Village Road there’s an old, beautiful Catholic church whose priest evidently lives right across the street.  This sign never fails to make me smile a little!  Little sign-priest even has his robe on and everything!


On the corner before you turn onto Volo Village Road, you’re reminded that the Volo Auto Museum is right around the bend.  This morning Scooby Doo and the gang’s Mystery Machine van was here, and by afternoon it had been replaced by the Batmobile.


And, of course, the antique mall, which is said to be haunted. 


Finally, we come to the last museum advertisement – the one that Liss usually calls “the car on the corner.”


One great thing about this area is that there’ll be a subdivision of homes or a shopping center on one corner, and about three blocks away there’s a farm.  This one very often has a group of black and white dairy cows eating from troughs, grazing in the field or lounging by the barn.  Today, however, the cows must’ve been inside.  Sad smile


We LOVE the Chocolate Factory!  They have THE best chocolate-covered gummy bears, amazing homemade fudge (REALLY need to try the pumpkin flavor), caramel apples, fruit kabobs and old fashioned penny candy.


Just up the road a piece, we pass several thrift stores, local businesses and the Windhill restaurant, which is currently all decked out for Halloween.


Finally at school!  Couldn’t help but notice this creepy Halloween-y tree on the edge of the parking lot. 


At first my girl was grumpy and “didn’t want to talk about what happened at school today,” but a few seconds later she was laughing.


And now it’s time for dinner.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

QUESTION FOR YOU:  What’s your favorite local attraction or landmark where you live?


4 Responses to “I Would Rather Blog….”

  1. Heather Mirek Greenwood October 18, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    oh, your neighborhood is much more fun than mine… the only thing interesting here are the nature preserves and the prairie path… otherwise, it’s strip mall after strip mall after strip mall 😦

  2. Susan October 19, 2011 at 7:57 am #

    Hmmm….I love Moraine Hills state park, though I don’t visit as often as I should. Love your blog and pics! Keep up the good work. Hey, we never made it to Long Grove yet! Get out your calendar, Sister!

    • foreverminephotography October 19, 2011 at 11:44 am #

      Still have not been to Moraine Hills, Susan! And you’re right – we need to get to Long Grove before da snow flies!!

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