Get Close

25 Sep

Almost every day, I get close.  Close to a bright flower, close to my cat’s furry face, close to my little girl’s crystal blue eyes….. and when I notice the delicate beauty and fascinating detail of these things I say a quiet, “Wow, God.”

Because getting close and discovering the intricate, fascinating design of what He has made reveals His wisdom and His splendor.   And they’re usually the things that we so often pass right by.

Taking pictures of things up close makes me smile because capturing the amazing detail of everyday wonders speaks volumes about the Creator. 

I encourage you to really look.  To notice.  To get close. 

And to thank God for His incredible handiwork.


sept 13 007

nov 16 009

nov 4 009

sept 19 040

oct 30 021

oct 26 003

Oct 9 250

dec 1 062

sept 23 039





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